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We assist our clients with their business operations, from the initial brainstorming to their closure – always in coordination with the our other departments and aligned with the best and most current market practices. Bearing in mind the significant role that the law can play in ensuring our clients’ initiatives will be fluid and fruitful, we provide tools to eliminate uncertainties and dangers arising from interactions within the company, and with the market and investors.

  • Risk assessment and analysis of competitive advantages arising from case law and statutes;
  • Tailoring of business contracts and agreements in accordance with the best legal solutions and in response to the latest legal demands;
  • Assistance in complying with industry-specific rules and standards;
  • Creation of sensible strategies for market entry and expansion which respect local antitrust law;
  • Representation before Credit Protection Agencies and implementation of settlement campaigns in administrative and judicial proceedings;
  • Drafting of dashboards and contingency reports;
  • Provision of consulting services to prevent claims, manage crises, identify problem foci, and improve the company’s image with its customers (including on social media and consumer complaint sites).
  • Consulting services on and creation of advertising campaigns, recalls and contracts involving consumer relations; and
  • Employee training and guidance, especially Customer Service.

Leading Professionals

Eduardo de Albuquerque Parente

Erik Navrocky

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