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Our Mergers and Acquisitions team has experience in different national and international operations, being able to assist our clients in all phases of the business, including in the preliminary negotiation phase, assessment of the business and/or assets involved, negotiation of price and other business conditions, preparation and review of the applicable contractual and corporate instruments, and assistance in the operation post-closing phase.

The activities developed by our multidisciplinary team encompass our involvement at all stages of the intended operation, which may include other financial and/or accounting advisors, aiming to establish the best concept for the operation, under the corporate and fiscal aspects.

  • Direct participation in any intended acquisition, consolidation, spin-off or merger;
  • Experience in legal due diligence – conducted by specialized lawyers for validation of information, identification of contingencies, which may have a direct impact on the price of the business and the guarantees to be provided in the main contract – which can be conducted by physical (data room) or virtual (DC, website, virtual data room) means;
  • Assistance in obtaining appraisal and price formation report (valuation);
  • Negotiation and preparation of all corporate and contractual instruments related to the operation (i.e., Non-Disclosure Agreement, Letter of Intent, Preliminary Agreement and/or Memorandum of Understanding, Main Agreement (signing and closing) and other closing (post-closing) acts;

Leading Professionals

Sérgio R. N. Marangoni

Felipe Hannickel Souza

Ana Lucia de Campos Maia Snege

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