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We have extensive experience in legal advisory services for Franchisors and Franchisees, assisting our clients in all stages of the business. The activities include:

  • Assistance in the decision of joining the franchise system (both for existing business that intend to adopt a certain model and for entrepreneurs wishing to join the system);
  • Validation of the business model under a legal approach, especially within the contractual, corporate, tax, and intellectual property scope;
  • Structuring of the operation’s legal concept (preparation of a Franchise Offering Circular, Franchise Preliminary Agreement and Franchise Agreement, revision of Manuals, development of standard contracts to be adopted, and protection of trademarks, logos, know-how, and other rights);
  • Registration of contracts with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)
  • Legal assistance to Franchisor and Franchisees during the effectiveness of the agreements;
  • Legal practice in dispute resolutions, involving negotiation, mediation and judicial or arbitration proceedings.

Leading Professionals

Wilson Pinheiro Jabur

Fabio José Zanetti de Azeredo

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