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The activities carried out by Debt Restructuring and Asset Recovery multidisciplinary team include:

  • Advisory for distressed assets investors regarding sales and purchases of different kinds of assets, including non-performing loans, equity, real estate, trademarks and patents;
  • Recovery of strategic credits, taking measures to trace, locate, freeze, seize and restraint assets, both in Brazil and abroad, together with international law firms and intelligence companies;
  • Advisory of creditors and investors on financing of debt restructuring;
  • Setting up investment funds and securitization companies;
  • Securitization, representating issuers, underwriters and other participants in structuring both traditional debt obligations and novel securities transactions;
  • Analysis of guarantees;
  • Advisory of strategic creditors and investors in insolvency proceedings and workouts.

Leading Professionals

Maria Tereza Tedde

Paulo Gonçalves Passanezi

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