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Complex issues require sophisticated solutions. Our approach consists in the methodical scrutinization of all possible nuances of a conflict from legal, economic, and commercial standpoints, aiming to ensure a comprehensive and solid defense. Every case receives the utmost attention and zeal of a team comprised of specialized professionals who are active members of the Brazilian and international academic community.

  • Design of dispute systems tailored to each client’s business operations, molded in accordance with all pertinent cultures, laws and risks;
  • Representation in negotiations and amicable dispute resolution procedures, making use of techniques renowned worldwide;
  • Draft, negotiation and review of contracts, clauses and arbitration terms involving operations and assets from one or more countries;
  • Specialized and strategic assistance in arbitration proceedings managed by the major arbitration institutions in the world; and
  • Analysis of the risk of non-enforcement of arbitration awards in foreign jurisdictions, and development of preventive enforcement measures.

Leading Professionals

Eduardo de Albuquerque Parente

Wilson Pinheiro Jabur

Erik Navrocky

Klaus Rilke

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