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With our extensive experience drawn from our participation in a number of prominent cases, we do more than just prevent and resolve litigation in court: we take an active role in the construction of better and more technical case law in Brazil. This is the distinguishing feature that makes it possible for us to defend our clients’ interests without ever compromising the high specialization that imbues our services with celerity and excellence.

  • Representation of clients in lawsuits and civil procedures in a wide range of areas: Civil Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Competition Law, Economic Law, Regulatory Law, matters related to Capital Markets, and Family and Succession Law;
  • Assistance with the filing of appeals before state courts, federal regional courts and appellate courts, especially with closing statements and oral arguments.
  • Follow-up of Letters Rogatory and procedures for the enforcement of foreign decisions;
  • Audits of lawsuits, review of measures taken in lawsuits, and risk assessment and valuation; and
  • Preparation of reports on civil procedural law and the enforcement of civil and commercial legislation in Brazil or abroad.

Leading Professionals

Eduardo de Albuquerque Parente

Erik Navrocky

Daniela Cristina Volpato Alves

Raphael Martinuci

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