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There is no better alternative to risk prevention and control. Ever sensitive to our clients’ needs and the pace of their business operations, we have simplified dispute resolution to the point of turning it into an organic element of our client’s operations, instead of another inconvenient halting point.

  • Analysis of the legal risks arising from our clients’ business operations and creation of mechanisms that allow them to promptly respond to such risks;
  • Adjustment of business models to incorporate lessons learned from past events;
  • Communication strategies in the early stages of a conflict and anticipated production of evidence which may be useful in potential litigation;
  • Training and guidance for key personnel in the identification of and reporting on contract and legal risks; and
  • Analysis of the adequacy of potential business models, and the risks arising from them, from a legal viewpoint, both in Brazil and abroad.

Leading Professionals

Eduardo de Albuquerque Parente

Erik Navrocky

Klaus Rilke

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