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Our Corporate Law area offers safe, effective, and creative legal solutions to clients (domestic and foreign). Able to assist our clients in all kinds of legal transactions, our multidisciplinary team tackles headlong our clients’ corporate day-to-day issues and acts on complex and multi-tiered corporate structures.

Among the activities developed are:

  • Formation of Companies of the various kinds contemplated by the Brazilian legislation (limited liability companies, joint-stock corporations and other corporate types, such as silent partnerships, specific purpose companies, consortium, associations, foundations, cooperative corporations, including the structuring of startups in Brazil);
  • Management of clients’ corporate routine, including the preparation, analysis and review of several corporate acts (Minutes of the General Meeting, Meeting of Members and Board of Directors, Meeting of the Executive Committee and Meeting of the Audit Committee, and organization, control and updating of the relevant corporate books, among others);
  • Preparation and negotiation of Members and Shareholders Agreements, Voting Agreements, Put and/or Call Option Agreements , Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Letters of Intent (LOI), among others;
  • Guidance, Participation and Holding of Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings, as well as Meetings of Members, Meetings of the Board of Directors, Meetings of the Executive Committee and Meetings of the Audit Committee, among others;
  • Assistance in the assessment of risks, planning and structuring of corporate business and commercial projects, in the most diverse segments;
  • Structuring and implementation of specific and/or complex corporate restructuring and/or reorganization (i.e., consolidations, spin-off, corporate merger, assets drop down, among others);
  • Corporate acts of dissolution, liquidation and closure of companies in general;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Consulting services in the implementation of measures necessary to the adoption of best corporate governance practices;
  • Legal counseling specialized in corporate pre-litigation;
  • Advisory and consulting services aimed at establishing the responsibilities of Statutory Officers of Companies in general (review and preparation of comfort letters and insurance policies – D&O modality); and
  • Consulting services specialized in the legal treatment of foreign investments in Brazil, with full support to clients based on the records of investments before the Brazilian Central Bank and other competent agencies.

Leading Professionals

Sérgio R. N. Marangoni

Felipe Hannickel Souza

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