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Our office has a multidisciplinary team specialized in the study and implementation of estate and
succession planning, ensuring greater safety to our clients in the management of their corporate
affairs, with special attention to the particular aspects involved in succession events – aiming at a
greater financial and tax efficiency in the transfer of assets, and minimizing potential conflicts
among heirs.

The estate and succession planning allows the segregation of the clients’ own assets from certain
operational assets, with the purpose of preserving the wealth achieved while conducting corporate
affairs, also allowing the transfer of assets in life, including properties, investments, equity
interests, among other assets, quickly and efficiently, avoiding or at least reducing the scope of
any future probate proceedings.
The work developed by the multidisciplinary team will observe all corporate, civil (related to family
and successions), real estate and tax aspects, according to the nature of the intended operation.

Leading Professionals

Sérgio R. N. Marangoni

Felipe Hannickel Souza

Ana Lucia de Campos Maia Snege

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