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The high tax burden, coupled with the complexity of the Brazilian system, requires great attention of the companies with respect to tax management as a tool to achieve better results and competitiveness.

In this scenario, our tax law department provides its clients with the expertise and knowledge necessary to obtain thorough tax advice and guidance, rendering, among others, the following services:

  • Preparation of opinions and replies to consultations on tax proceedings (compliance) related to municipal, state and federal taxes, throughout the domestic territory.
  • Defense of clients’ interests in administrative and judicial tax proceedings.
  • Filing of lawsuits to challenge undue charges and recover/compensate amounts improperly collected;
  • Obtainment of tax debt clearance certificates;
  • Drafting of tax planning in the structuring process of businesses, funds and operations.
  • Consulting services in mergers and acquisitions of companies.
  • Review of tax procedures aiming the identification of credits, unrecognized benefits and/or contingent liabilities.
  • Use of accumulated ICMS, IPI, PIS and COFINS credits.
  • Obtainment of tax incentives and special schemes.
  • Assistance in the compliance with inspection procedures.

Leading Professionals

Eduardo Perez Salusse

Allan Moraes

Luiz Henrique Vano Baena

Angela Patricia Ferreira Andreoli

Eduardo Winters Costa

Olival Mariano Pontes Junior

Kalinka Conchita Ferreira da Silva Bravo

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