Through the combination of established techniques and innovative approaches, we develop and implement the most effective strategies to resolve our clients’ conflicts at any stage: from identifying possible contractual risks and designing preventive measures to oral arguments in Superior Courts. We also negotiate and adopt alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. In Brazil or abroad, our focus is always on defending our clients’ interests in a prompt and effective manner to achieve the highest possible results.

Our litigation and arbitration practice begins well before the conflict and goes beyond the mere defense of our clients’ interests. We always seek to achieve the best result for the business, and we dedicate ourselves to study and carefully understand the activities of each client, providing advice that offers the best scenarios for potential conflicts.

The scope of our team’s activities covers:

  • Assistance in risk and liability assessment and evaluation;
  • Careful representation in arbitration, judicial, mediation or administrative proceedings, throughout the relevant territory;
  • Specialized and strategic representation with the support of worldwide partners; and
  • Detailed and tailor-made reports for business decision-making.


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