& Advisory

As local labor laws, regulations and employment relations are constantly been updated, our practice work closely with clients to prevent problems before they occur, by informing and advising on how these new legal developments may interfere and affect their business, policies and workplace environment. Whenever required we provide educational and guidance workshops and trainings on human resource issues such as diversity, harassment, discrimination and privacy.

We, as a rule, work very closely with the HR to assist and avoid employee-related issues, advising the best course of action on legal measures. We plan, develop and execute Human Resources Management projects together with our clients.

We can provide proactively self-audit, with a complete risk, liability assessment and compliance operations to confirm local laws and regulations are met. This self-audit may identify potential issues which we can plan and address to reduce the litigation risk, or in most of the cases, avoid any breach during a government audit.

Our operation is focused on labor practices and remuneration of executives, comprising the implementation of bonus policies, expatriation, elaboration of contracts, internal policies, compliance for employees (ethical code), elaboration of profit and/or income sharing programs, adaptation of global policies to local legislation, among others. Our activities comprise:

  • Collective negotiation and elaboration of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Round tables;
  • Extrajudicial transaction;
  • HR project planning and execution;
  • Elaboration and review of internal policies;
  • Elaboration of legal opinions;
  • Health and safety;
  • Workshops and trainings;
  • Analysis of labor routines and assessment of contingencies;
  • Audits.


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