Pursuing better environmental, social practices and governance, we created our
Committee of Diversity and Inclusion.

Pursuing better social practices and governance, the firm's Committee of Diversity and Inclusion has as main purposes to encourage a healthy, respectful and inclusive work environment, as well as assisting to avoid discriminatory, disrespectful attitudes which are contrary to the values, mission and vision of our firm.

The committee is formed by 3 representatives of the team, chosen by internal vote, in addition to 2 members of the board of partners of the firm.

Gender Equity

Our firm is formed
mostly by WOMEN.



The firm financially supports organizations that contribute with education, social inclusion and health, reassuring and promoting our commitment with the communities in which we are inserted.

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This project was created by the Lawyer Societies Study Center (Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados – CESA) and has as main purpose the increase in the participation of black people in legal market, assisting in the development of black young law students, and, at the same time, adopting measures for them to be better received, promoting inclusion and diversity.

The Instituto Limpa Brasil has as purpose to make the society aware by means of educational actions about its responsibility regarding the environment care and preservation.

The Pastoral do Menor acts in Sorocaba since June 2002, as a Department of Social Center São José, with the purpose of implementing Community Education Centers as Pastoral of Minor, in neighborhoods where there is insufficiency of social care for children in need.

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The Instituto Verdescola has as purpose to support children, adolescents and young people in formation, to have autonomy in their life journey. Promoting and executing projects oriented to culture, sports, professional qualification, environment and social-education.

Pro bono
legal services

We are committed to contributing to access to justice, through voluntary advocacy, the firm supports different causes, including the Rizomas Institute.

Rizoma is dreamed of the desire to transform education, to see more equality in Brazil and to teach skills that prepare the little ones for the world that they are part of and can build. It is born to make a more fun and meaningful education, which teaches important skills for a healthy life. It grows with a desire for diversity, it organizes with holocracy, it pulsates with the passion of many. The Rhizome lives on the connection present in its name, on each leaf that nourishes it.


Our firm seeks to reduce the impacts of our activities in the environment and stimulates environmental awareness of our member with recycling initiatives as well as the promotion of conscious consumption, in addition to eliminating the use of disposables on the daily work routines.


Our members follow a strict Code of Conduct ruled by ethics, values and aligned with the vision and mission of our firm. In addition to that, we count with specific and complementary policies, within the best practices:

  • Data and Privacy Treatment Policy
  • Professional Improvement Policy and subsidies (granting educational credits)
  • Career Plan


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