Administrative and
Judicial Litigation

Strategic labor litigation, representing companies in individual and collective litigation. Our operation also comprises representation of companies in administrative proceedings before the Labor Public Prosecution Office of several regions.

Our practice provides guidance and assistance to clients on government audits related do labor issues. We assist clients throughtout the process, preparing and keeping track of the documentation required by the auditor, developing a plan for the results of the investigation, and if violations are found, advise properly with legal steps to address and mitigate the risks.

  • Elaboration of defenses and administrative proceedings;
  • Mediation and arbitragem;
  • Strategic action in proceedings before the Labor Public Prosecution Office;
  • Elaboration of defenses in individual and collective lawsuits;
  • Elaboration of defenses in class actions;
  • Operation in all labor courts and superior court;
  • Elaboration of procedural and contingency reports;
  • Follow-up of technical expertise investigation.


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