Having experience in countless prominent cases, our firm does more than prevent and settle disputes in the Judiciary: we actively contribute to the construction of a better and more technical national jurisprudence. This is the differential that allows us to pursue the interests of our clients without ever renouncing to the high specialization that provides efficiency and excellence in our performance.

The scope of our team’s activities covers:

  • We represent clients in lawsuits and procedures in the most diverse practice areas: Corporate Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Competition Law, Economic Law, Regulatory Law, issues related to Capital Markets and Family and Succession Law;
  • We represent clients in appeals before State Courts, Federal Regional Courts, and Superior Courts, with emphasis on specific assistance in memorials for trial and oral arguments;
  • Procedural Audits and analysis of procedures adopted in legal proceedings, risk assessment and quantification; and
  • Drafting of legal opinions on Civil Procedural Law and application of civil and commercial legislation in Brazil or abroad.


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