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Social responsability

Pursuing better environmental, social practices and governance, we created our

Committee of Diversity and Inclusion.

Pursuing better social practices and governance, the firm's Committee of Diversity and Inclusion has as main purposes to encourage a healthy, respectful and inclusive work environment, as well as assisting to avoid discriminatory, disrespectful attitudes which are contrary to the values, mission and vision of our firm.

The committee is formed by 3 representatives of the team, chosen by internal vote, in addition to 2 members of the board of partners of the firm.

Gender Equity

Our firm is formed mostly by WOMEN!

+ 60%

Social Investment

The firm financially supports organizations that contribute with education, social inclusion and health, reassuring and promoting our commitment with the communities in which we are inserted.

Check out some of the causes that we embrace:

The project has as purpose to bring more love and hope to the children and youngsters subject to social vulnerability, in addition to helping their educational development. Therefore, actions are made on celebration dates, as well as donation of toys and books (academic and entertainment ones).

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This project was created by the Lawyer Societies Study Center (Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados – CESA) and has as main purpose the increase in the participation of black people in legal market, assisting in the development of black young law students, and, at the same time, adopting measures for them to be better received, promoting inclusion and diversity.

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This project has as its mission to fight mortality due to breast cancer and seeks to unite supporters, sponsors and partners so together they become part of the solution for so many that need help.

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Group of Adolescents and Children with Cancer (Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e Criança com Câncer - GRAAC) is an institution created in Brazil with the purpose of helping children and teenagers with cancer.

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This organization acts in the combat of cancer, cardiac illness and seeks to improve health conditions, also promoting debates about relevant issues in oncology causes.

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Entity dedicated to social and community assistance and development, generation of jobs and income, sports, training and professional qualification, art and culture, leisure, defense of citizenship rights of children and teenagers.

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Our firm seeks to reduce the impacts of our activities in the environment and stimulates environmental awareness of our member with recycling initiatives as well as the promotion of conscious consumption, in addition to eliminating the use of disposables on the daily work routines.


Our members follow a strict Code of Conduct ruled by ethics, values and aligned with the vision and mission of our firm. In addition to that, we count with specific and complementary policies, within the best practices:

  • Data and Privacy Treatment Policy
  • Professional Improvement Policy and subsidies (granting educational credits)
  • Career Plan

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